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Integrating MeshScape GO Wireless Sensor Network into End-User Products

It is always good to have a developer’s kit available for customers who want to quickly experience the features and test the performance of wireless sensor networks. Millennial Net just announced the availability of a developer’s kit for MeshScape GO technology.  MeshScape GO is a pre-configured, ready-to-go product for OEM customers who need to rapidly develop applications based on reliable and scalable wireless sensor network technology.  MeshScape GO does not require a complicated network configuration process or custom development to set up a wireless mesh network.  For OEM customers, the application can simply send and receive payload data to the node via standard UART serial connection and MeshScape GO will take care of the rest of the data delivery.

Based on field-proven MeshScape technology, the developer’s kit comes with 7 nodes of various types to enable OEM customers to quickly experience the features and test the performance of wireless sensor networks.  The kit can be expanded with additional nodes to grow the network size, as needed. Especially, the kit comes with wireless modules that can be directly integrated into end-user products.

So, why have we made such a “developer’s kit” available?  For many OEM applications using wireless sensor network technology, customers need to go through a quick test and evaluation process before committing to a technology.  We believe it is important to provide customers with an easy and hassle-free way to experience the performance and benefits of the MeshScape technology.  MeshScape GO developer’s kit is the perfect vehicle for customers to become familiar with MeshScape technology and to quickly use the technology to begin developing a variety of custom wireless sensor network applications.

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