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Turning “Old and Busted” Buildings into “Green” Buildings

In addition to wireless sensor network technology, Millennial Net is also a leading provider of wireless energy management solutions.  One of our missions is to provide technical solutions to enable energy savings and the elimination of energy waste in buildings.  The challenge in converting existing or older buildings into “green” buildings is finding a cost-effective solution that is also minimally invasive.  Especially, a great number of existing buildings in the US still use pneumatic heating controls. Most of these pneumatic buildings are hard to retrofit to energy efficient building.

Millennial Net’s new Wi-Stat IIIp is the first digital wireless pneumatic thermostat that completely revolutionizes pneumatic systems controls using solid state valve technology.  It replaces mechanical Bi-Metal elements with an advanced Piezo-based solid state valve for much more accurate and reliable pneumatic controls, and it allows complete over-the-air programming, continuous remote monitoring and wireless control.  Significant numbers of buildings around the world are still relying on pneumatic HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) systems.  The Wi-Stat IIIp can transform those “old and busted” pneumatic buildings into energy-efficient and smart “green” buildings without costly renovations, wiring, or removal of entire systems.  Since there are no moving parts in the Wi-Stat IIIp, thanks to its solid state technology, it is more reliable, faster, and more precise than traditional pneumatic thermostats using mechanical valves.  Wi-Stat IIIp can be easily integrated into existing building automation systems via BACnet/IP or Mobus, or can be controlled by Millennial Net’s hosted Energy Management software, “Wi-EMS”. Furthermore, using Millennial Net’s MeshScape wireless mesh network technology, this product can remotely monitor and control energy consumption of pneumatic-controlled buildings and eliminate wasted energy. For more information, please visit here.

Millennial Net's Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat Wi-Stat IIIp

The Wi-Stat IIIp – the first of its kind in the market – is a very economical way to upgrade old pneumatic buildings to “green” buildings.  It has already been installed by major customers.  For example, GE Capital has used Millennial Net technology to retrofit multiple commercial buildings, achieving savings up to 50%. See more details from GE Capital here.

Update : See the article and video showing how Tyngsborough High School is using Millennial Net’s EMS to be come “Green”.


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