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Saving Energy in Schools – Tyngsborough High School

In this slow economy, many organizations are facing less-than-ideal budget situations, and  educational institutions are not exceptions.  An increasing number of schools are feeling financial pressure and while budgets are being cut, the cost of many indispensible items just keeps rising; among them, the cost of energy.  Whether it is electricity or heating oil, energy usage consumes a substantial portion of a school’s annual budget.

A significant number of educational institutions are housed relatively old buildings.  Few of these buildings have advanced building management systems with the capability of effectively minimizing energy costs.  In some instances, the HVAC systems of these buildings are simply not designed to work with conventional building management systems, i.e., pneumatic heating systems.  Many school buildings with pneumatic heating systems run heaters and boilers almost 24 hours a day during winter months, as there is no easy way to effectively enforce energy policy.  We’ve all heard the stories, or have experienced ourselves, classrooms in which teachers have had to open windows in the winter because the classroom was too hot and the thermostat was covered with plastic box to prevent anyone from changing its settings.

Of course, one solution for energy efficiency, control and comfort in old school buildings could be to rip out existing HVAC systems and install new, advanced systems with state-of-the-art building management.  However, this approach can be too invasive and, in the current economic climate, prohibitively expensive; especially if a building’s HVAC is based on a pneumatic heating system.

Tyngsborough High School was facing a similar situation.  Their energy costs were soaring, their heating system was inefficient, and teachers and students were not very happy with environmental controls or the comfort of the classrooms. The school had to find a cost-effective way to enforce an energy policy without huge capital investment.  Millennial Net worked with Tyngsborough High School to install its Wireless Energy Management Solution (Wi-EMS) in answer to their challenges.

One of the benefits of Millennial Net’s Wi-EMS that Tyngsborough High School has since experienced is its ability to control the heating/cooling of individual classrooms.  With the old system, classrooms could have different class schedules, yet they were all being equally heated and air-conditioned, almost 24 hours a day, sometimes 7-days a week.  With Millennial Net’s solution, changing that was as simple as logging into Millennial Net’s Wi-EMS web site and using schedulers to set an energy policy.

With Millennial Net’s Wi-EMS, the temperature of each classroom can be individually controlled and enforced via a simple web-based user interface.  And, IT investment is not needed, since all configurations and monitoring/control are managed through the internet and the database is managed in a cloud environment.

We have worked with many schools and produced great energy savings for them.  Please watch the video below to see the example of Tyngsborough High School and learn how Millennial Net helped this local school save energy.

You can also see the video about Tyngsborough High School at Millennial Net’s home page and learn more.

Energy Saving in Tyngsborough High School


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